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Sock Plushies

Sock Plushies

Every retired sock deserves a proper send-off - and what a better way to do it then creating collectables? These adorable creations are made of almost entirely recycled material from repurposed socks, stuffed and given limbs from other clean retired socks. As of 2023, I am now including a 'Certificate of Authenticity* with each collectable, if you own any previous one-of-a-kinds , please contact me and I will send you your own Certificate!



  • Note the pre-order option has been turned off for this item as these are one-of-a-kind products,the style and variation are limited to the amount, style and coloration of retired socks donated rather then thrown away.  Please contact me via , with the title 'Sock Donations' if you have retired socks to recycle. Donations are given a discount code.
  • If you wish to place yourself on the list for the next available sock puppet, please do so by contacting me by email @ , with the title 'Sock Puppet Reserve List' as well as advising which style you'd be interested in.​​​​​​​
  • Information And Materials List

    Entirely recycled material, except the thread and some buttons. Most buttons have been salvaged from old clothes.

    Stuffed with clean, used socks, cut into various size chunks

  • Lady Bug

    This cute lady bug once had a mate - but it had long disappeared so it had sat for many years awaiting it's return - she has now been repurposed, stuffed and given little legs from other clean retired socks.

  • Devil

    Once an ankle sock, this mildly creepy but completely adorable devil was waiting to be born, using remnants of other retired socks, it has a massive mouth and long devilish tail. - she has now been repurposed, stuffed and given little legs from other clean retired socks.

    First Release November 2021 - Sold

  • Christmas Gummies

    A pair of festive sock gummies who wish to be adopted together, but will gladly be seperated to go to the right home!

  • Monkeys

    Adorable Monkies!

  • Alien Monkeys

    A cross between a monkey and an alien, we are left with a strange creature that draws you in with it's side-eyes and hopes for a forever home!

    First release November 2021 - Sold

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