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12 Teas of Christmas Pack

12 Teas of Christmas Pack

SKU: 0012

The PERFECT gift for the tea lover in your family, allowing you to ween yourself off the holiday cheer and break into a new year 'Pinkie's out!' And as a Christmas bonus, if you're buying it for that special someone and want to share in the magic, you'll get a deal!


Simply put 2 products in your cart, send me an email @ and request your code! 


(Comes with 12 Tea Packets, which contains about 1 Tablespoon each, each one making 1-2 cups of tea)


Please specify if you would like it as loose leaf tea, or packaged in tea bags! *Costs extra if I provide or seal the tea bags*

  • Information

    Contains 1 Tablespoon (Or 1 Tea Bag) of:

    Christmas Tea

    Candy Cane Tea

    Orange Mint

    Cranberry Mint

    Lemon Sugar Cookies Tea

    Latisa Tea

    Hakereleven Tea

    Nuclear Tiger Tea

    HopStep Tea

    Captain Jo-Jo Tea

    Fambhala Tea

    Carrot Cake Tea

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