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Nuclear Tiger Tea

Nuclear Tiger Tea

When I started making tea, I tried to recreate Bengal spice, but while doing this, I got sidetracked and started making teas for a bunch of my friends, based on their personality and favorite colors!


This tea was hand crafted with love for my good friend and amazing cosplayer. I've dedicated this to the artist it was made for, Nuclear Tiger Creations! This artist creates incredible things!! BE SURE TO CHECK HER OUT!!! 


Tastes Like: A Explosion of flavor
Smells like: A Berry Blast

(Sold by the Tablespoon, which makes 1-2 cups of tea)


Please specify if you would like it as loose leaf tea, or packaged in tea bags!

*Costs extra if I provide or seal the tea bags*

**To support the Artist this was dedicated to, select the tip option! All proceeds will be sent directly to the artist!**

C$0.75 Regular Price
C$0.56Sale Price
1000 Milliliters
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