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Sumac Face Mask

Sumac Face Mask

A powdered facemask that when mixed with Honey smells like a home-made treat! Comes in two varieties, with or without Cedar!


*Note the non-Cedar mask is made in a sterilized environment for those who are allergic to it!*

  • Information

    *If you're harvesting your own sumac, ensure you know the difference between Sumac and Poisonous Sumac! Click Here for More Details!*


    When harvesting and taking apart Sumac, I discovered it left my hands feeling amazing, so I decided to apply this to my face as well! The result was a fresh feeling face, and in my case disappearance of ACNE!


    Other cool info about Sumac - The Ancient Greeks used sumac as an antiseptic, while Native Americans used it to fight colds, fever, and scurvy. Known as a powerhouse of antioxidants, it is used to treat urinary tract inflammation and boost circulation. Its tannins are thought to be anti-carcinogenic. Sumac is said to combat cardiovascular issues, menstrual cramps, and many types of bacteria and fungi. It can even drain sinuses and lower blood sugar levels.

    A sumac compress can help reduce bleeding, oozing, and infection from wounds, according to herbalists. They also say it’s excellent for the treatment of burns and to treat ringworm.

  • Recipe & Instructions

3.9 Grams
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